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Latest Blogs

Get kids into bed quickly!

When childrens curtains are this jolly, you know they'll want to go to bed!

This blog was posted Thursday 18th September 2014 : 09.21 am

Someone who knows about the market

We thought Kevin was very helpful when we were sourcing electrical equipment for the factory. He certainly knows a lot about the market and possible manufacturers.

This blog was posted Monday 15th September 2014 : 10.39 am

Good mobile welders.

For a great mobile welding service, Abelweld certainly have the top name in Eastbourne. 

This blog was posted Thursday 21st August 2014 : 12.10 pm

Good value oak furniture for your loft

For loft furniture in good substantial oak, look no further.  This site has it all!

This blog was posted Tuesday 1st July 2014 : 02.32 pm

Keep your memories safe... anywhere

Special Memorial Keepsakes are such a lovely way to remember loved ones. Keep them anywhere they are so small and discreet.

This blog was posted Friday 20th June 2014 : 12.58 pm

Great security products

These are great perimeter security products to secure your home or business 

This blog was posted Friday 9th May 2014 : 04.16 pm

Office clear out

It wasn't hard to get our old office stuff taken away.  I asked around about rubbish clearance Sussex  and we called ASAP Waste Logistics and they took it all away in one.

This blog was posted Monday 28th April 2014 : 02.40 pm

Thinking/worrying too much?

Thinking about things in a particular way can be very unhelpful. Sometimes it takes help from a counsellor to see where you're going wrong...Counselling in Staffordshire from Adrian and Marika is an excellent start to help you get on the right track away from your worries taking over. 

This blog was posted Thursday 13th March 2014 : 10.25 am

Reid Briggs best bet for Learner Driver Insurance

We were having a job finding Learner Driver Insurance that didn't cost an arm and a leg until we found Reid Briggs.  Keely Rust was a very helpful lady indeed!

This blog was posted Friday 21st February 2014 : 01.31 pm

cheaper flights

What a relief to find Business Flights to Sao Paulo going so cheap at The Business Traveller.  We'll be ordering from them next time...

This blog was posted Tuesday 21st January 2014 : 05.37 pm

With the part populated entries I soon get some ideas about what to write for the GPHC.  They make the job of entering my cpd so much easier.

This blog was posted Thursday 12th December 2013 : 02.27 pm

A holiday spot to talk about...

A peaceful setting where you can relax. That's the Martello Beach, where the choice of caravans for sale is very tempting indeed!  We've been talking about getting a caravan for ourselves for ages, and modern caravans blow you away with all the mod cons.

This blog was posted Thursday 31st October 2013 : 09.25 pm

Get a professional inventory in Eastbourne

If you want a professional inventory Eastbourne landlords can call upon the services of Sharon from T-Ray Cleaning & Property Services, she's great at producing a very detailed report which doesn't miss a thing.

This blog was posted Monday 30th September 2013 : 11.30 am

Great place for a break

When you'relooking for a really nice Eastbourne Hotel, near the seafront, try The Arden Hotel. it's ideally situated for all the local restaurants, and a quick walk to the theatres. Eastbourne as a town break away really has a lot going for it.

This blog was posted Monday 30th September 2013 : 11.24 am

Downsfield BNB

Downsfield B&B - look no further for a superb St Ives guesthouse - in a quiet location just a short ride from St Ives and so convenient for Carbis Bay beach - a warm welcome, lovely rooms and tasty cooked breakfasts on offer - you can't get much more comfy than this!

This blog was posted Monday 9th September 2013 : 11.22 am

kids bedroom is cool

The stuff we got from Childrens Curtains was simply great! All arrived well before we expected it, and such quality materials! Our kids bedroom looks the last word in 'cool'... Thanks a lot!

This blog was posted Thursday 1st August 2013 : 11.32 am

great deals on business travel

Wonderful deals, great people to do business with. We find that The Business Traveller always comes up with cheap business flights - it's a good to use a corporate travel agency for air travel - they get good deals simply because they do so many of them and pass the benefits on to us. 

This blog was posted Friday 19th July 2013 : 09.09 am

Aerial experts in Bexhill

Putting up aerial installations in Bexhill - now who does this? I was asking around and someone recommended HDI Aerial and Satellite so I gave them a call. They were polite and efficient. When you want satellite installations in Bexhill or your new aerial put up, don't scramble around on your roof - call the experts!

This blog was posted Thursday 17th January 2013 : 10.53 am

get your tiling done in Hastings

Do you want a Naked Tiler?  A bit too much for Monday morning? Well it won't be an issue... Darren Clayton is fully experienced, and fully trained, but also fully dressed, and he does a great job of tiling, so if you're looking for tilers in Hastings, don't delay, get your tiling done the NAKED way!

This blog was posted Monday 3rd September 2012 : 11.08 am


I had a traumatic experience once. A lady sat next to me on the bus and pointed at my Bible. I thought she wanted to talk about God so I began to talk about Jesus and the deciples. Eventually she got off the bus without saying a word.

 Turns out my Bible was written in French, my second language and was wondering where she could find Bibles and books in other languages.  I went to No Frontiers who were professional in their role as a supplier.

This blog was posted Sunday 28th March 2010 : 03.30 am